Small Events

Cervano is the perfect place to spent some time with family, friends, customers, colleagues, you can have your privacy in your apartment but enjoy all together the garden and the big dinner room in the Milanda building.

You can match some days of holiday with b-day, anniversaries, corporate events, team building, sport, fun, relax…we are perfect for group under the 40 persons.

We can give you 12 kitchens if you like to prepare some specialities by yourself, we can also suggest some cellars or shops to buy cheese, salame, wine and other very local product that you cant find in other places.

The kids have space to run without dangers and the parents can stay in the garden and have bbq or relax close to the fireplace with a glass of wine.
We can help you to organise some boat tour, mtb, historical tour, Opera at the Arena, moto, car tour, adventure park, wine testing and a lot of activities, lake Garda is a place full of resource.

Send us an email at or contact us, we can find the best option for your group!

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